Everything you need to know about TITOZERO

TITOZERO, with it’s partnership with Arkay Beverages, is leading the
American non-alcoholic sector since the launch of the first American-made
Vodka alternatives crafted by Arkay Beverages in Mexico.

TITOZERO Vodka and American Vodka Alternatives are made by Arkay Beverages SA de CV and are available nationwide on TITOZERO.COM


Their Vodka Alternative boasts all the warmth of pure grain and decadence of Vodka, minus the alcohol or calories.

When to choose TITOZERO?

Ideal for today's more health-conscious consumers, this Vodka alternative is the answer if you are sober, dieting, driving, training for a marathon, raising kids, pregnant, or just want to keep the party going this summer.

What TITOZERO delivers?

"TITOZERO is the true Vodka replacement. It is to spirits what Beyond Meat is to meat," "Most people who buy our drinks are not vegetarian."
"We all just want a little balance, without sacrificing flavor. TITOZERO has cracked that code – and consumers have noticed."


The first Mexican American-made true Vodka replacement to use all-natural botanicals to echo the flavor and burn of liquor – without the alcohol or calories- it has a proven record as Arkay Beverages Mexico produces it since 2011.

Headquartered in Nuevo Laredo, a labor of love, founded by several longtime friends and partners. Developed by chemists and entrepreneurs, foodies who work out, and parents who drink as a new way to mark a moment.

After experimenting with thousands of recipes and consultations with bartenders, chefs, and beverage professionals worldwide, TITOZERO launched two flagship products, a Vodka Alternative and American Vodka Alternative produced by Arkay Beverages SA de CV.

“Many Beverage Institutes named TITOZERO the best non-alcoholic Vodka in the world,”
“But the latest iteration of our products is better than ever, and the new American Vodka Alternative is just as delicious like all the ones produced by Arkay Beverages SA de CV.”


TITOZERO alcohol-free spirits are award-winning, with tastemakers across America placing their stamp of approval.
Among its accolades, many beverage professionals worldwide named TITOZERO the best non-alcoholic Vodka in the world.


Thanks to Arkay Beverages SA de CV, TITOZERO leads the direct spirit replacement category in America by a wide sales margin.


Proud Group Member of Arkay Beverages Mexico